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At the age of 16 years I found a package of brand new

photography paper. Not knowing how to use this

material I started experimenting by exposing the paper to light and testing different types of chemical solutions to develop it.

Some years later I bought my first camera, a 100% mechanical and analog Pentax ME. And - of course - I built a dark room for developing B/W film material and started developing B/W photographs.

This picture of mating northern dune tiger beetles (Cicindela hybrida) was one of my first home developed B/W photographs (taken in 1975).

At first I was mainly attracted to the micro and macro world of nature. Equipped with two right hands the technical machinery was build by myself, including the use of multiple flashlights. Nowadays, you just buy this equipment on the internet!

In the following years my interests widened and I transferred to Nikon equipment. Until december 2017 I used two Nikon D300s with a wide-angled lens (10.5 mm), a high quality 18-55 mm lens and a 80-400 mm zoom lens. Together with a tripod and binoculars the equipment weights around 14 kg and that was too much for me.

So I switched to much a smaller camera, the Sony a6300 system camera. I use it with a Zeiss 16-70 mm standard standard zoom lens, a Sony 10-18 mm wide angle zoomlens and a Sony 55-210 mm telezoom lens. The picture of the lions is one of the first pictures shot with the new camera. And I love it!

Especially the technical possibilities of modern camera's and the use of post-processing photosoftware provide great opportunities to make beautiful pictures. Therefore I have no problem with editing photos.

I am also familiar with High Dynamic Range, 360 deg. panoramic photography, time-lapse photography, extreme macro, focus stacking, high-speed and droplet photography, drone photography, camera stabilisation with a gimbal, using sliders, etc. Since 2018 I also make all kinds of short films. For that I use a Sony AX700 camera on a DJI RS 3 Pro gimbal. In the meantime I have been able to make short films for various organizations. Being a generalist is my specialty!

In 2022 and 2023 my filmwork received Dutch NOVA awards for the best novice filmmaker, the best non-fiction films and the best camerawork.

My website serves as a platform for showcasing my portfolioI take

pride in my  work and am committed to protecting my intellectual property

rights. Therefore, I kindly request that my pictures and films not be used for

commercial purposes without my written consent.

Please feel free to explore my website and do not hesitate to contact me

with any questions or feedback.

Thank you for your visit!


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